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How to Control Hunger

Knowing how to control hunger is key to losing weight.  Use common sense and listen to what your body is telling you.  If it tells you it’s hungry, you will feel hunger pangs of course.  When you are full, your body will also let you know.

How to Control your Hunger

Show your body who’s boss and that you can control the hunger. It doesn’t control you.

5 Tips on How to Control hunger and lose weight


Please Don’t Skip Meals.  This will slow down your metabolism.   Your body should be getting at least five feeding sessions a day.  That means eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You should also have some healthy snacks throughout the day.  Studies show that people who skip breakfast were almost 5 times more overweight than those who do not.  You may think skipping meals lowers calories.  It may actually cause you to consume more at a meal than if you were to have eating smaller portions and sizes throughout the day.  Managing portion sizes is important to avoid overeating.   Just imagine if you are served a bigger plate, you may want or feel the need to eat the whole thing.  But getting smaller portions can help you mange your hunger instead of it controlling you.

Drink More Water.  Most people don’t get enough water and fluids.  Over 73 percent of people don’t drink enough water during the day and this slows the metabolism down as well which causes you to burn fewer calories.  Strive to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Get More Sleep.  When you don’t get enough sleep, your body triggers hormone changes that may cause you eat more.  Getting too little sleep also causes you to crave foods that are bad for you and are high in fat and sugar.  Plus if you are tired, you won’t have as much energy to workout.   Strive for at least seven or eight hours of sleep nightly.  You will definitely have more energy for high intensity workouts and weight training.

Eat More Lean Proteins and Vegetables  Eating foods that are higher in protein will help you to control your hunger.  Consuming more vegetables will also fill you up and give your body the energy it needs so you won’t crave as much junk food.   Vegetables are easier to burn off too.

Eat Food Slowly  Chewing your food slowly will help you your brain tell your taste buds what you are getting and you can actually savor the flavor.  Try chewing your food at least twenty times before swallowing.  This helps break down the food further so your body can absorb the nutrients more easily as well.

Go Easy on the Sugar  Limiting the amount of sugar you get can also decrease your calorie intake.


As always, find a good exercise program and practice a healthy lifestyle.

A good exercise program is key to controlling hunger as well as practicing a healthy lifestyle. Remember you can exercise more efficiently by doing high intensity interval training exercise programs.

A healthy lifestyle will compliment your workouts and help with curbing your appetite.




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