Weight Loss Tips

Top Ten Weight Loss Tips


Here are ten weight loss tips to keep you on track.  When you are short on motivation, skim these quick weight loss tips.

1. Start strong. Eating a breakfast full of fruits, protein and fiber will give your body the kick it needs to get going, and will maintain an increased metabolism.

Eat lots of fruits

Eat lots of fruits











2. Stock up. Fill the cabinets with healthy snack options like baby carrots, goji berries, hummus, popcorn, and raw almonds.

healthy foods








3. Say goodbye to sweeteners. So called “diet” sodas increase your cravings for sweets and can cause you to look for missed calories elsewhere.

Get rid of sweeteners







4. Run, dance, and just get moving! Increase your metabolism by varying your daily exercise, and have fun doing so. Thirty minutes a day is a necessity!


5. Stay away from processed foods. Whole grains, fresh fruits, organic vegetables are really the way to go.

processed foods









6. Get some sleep. Sleeping eight hours a day will keep your body on a healthy energy schedule, and will prevent your from snacking at odd hours.

get some sleep








7. Enjoy the flavor! Chewing your food slower gives the brain a chance to catch up and realize when you are full.

chew slowly









8. Drink plenty of water. Hydrating your body with adequate water will keep your metabolism sharp and your body  cleansed.

drink water









9.  Focus on Five!  A journey of a thousand steps begins with one step.  Focus on losing five pounds at a time.  This way you won’t feel overwhelmed with such a large number when it’s only five at a time.

focus on five










10.  Power in Numbers.  Find a friend with similar weight loss goals and stay focused together.  People not focused on losing weight can be bad influences.


These powerful weight loss tips will help keep you on the right path to healthy weight loss every day.  Pin them on your fridge or mirror where you can see them everyday.