20 October 2013 ~ 39 Comments

Simple Fitness & Diet Tips

So this is a highly requested video…and again I want to stress that I am no way a diet and fitness expert, but merely just sharing my experience with the d…

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16 October 2013 ~ 10 Comments

Bodybuilder Shares Nutrition & Diet Tips of Models & Fitness Competitors

Click Here: http://askdarin.com Submit your questions so I can answer them live every week… on my live webinars! Click here http://budurl.com/TrainOnline T…

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29 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Welcome to my weightloss and fitness blog

Welcome to my weight loss and fitness blog.  I hope you will find helpful information that is helpful in your everyday life and join in the quest to fight obesity and other health related problems that come from being overweight.  Feel free to leave comments and connect with me on Facebook.  It may seem like […]

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