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28 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Some Daily Inspiration

It’s still early and there is time to do a quick cardio while the kids are just anappin.  I am definetly craving somethin junkfoodish but mindset is key here.  So I am going to eat a healthy turkey sandwich, throw in a 20 minute Turbofire workout and just get it done.  I am getting a little bored with the same sandwiches so I’ll have to get some more ideas and pre prep some food to keep from splurging on junk foods.  I stopped shopping while I am hungry and I don’t buy sweets like cookies anymore.  I buy more fruits and veggies and salads and yogurts. Meal replacement drinks line my fridge and I start my day with eggs to eat less throughout the day.

28 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Berries and Health

Berries and Health

Healthy food to eat

Berries and health go together. Berries help bring down your blood pressure and boost your levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Studies showed that when men and women with heart risk disease factors ate a cup of berries every day for eight weeks, they had a five percent increase in their HDL cholesterol and a one and a half decrease in their systolic blood pressure reading. That is a very good reason why we should add berries to our diet. Berries go good by themselves or you can add them to your oatmeal and salads. Other foods you can add berries to include salads and smoothies. I like to put raspberries or blueberries on my waffles and pancakes. Berries also come in fruit cup mixtures, yogurts, and some ice creams. You can also buy berry juices at the grocery store. Just try to keep in mind that berries and health go together so why not add berries to your grocery cart when you are shopping.

Health Benefits of Berries to consider while you are shopping

fight heart disease
lowers blood pressure
increases levels of HDL cholesterol
helps regulate blood sugar levels
powerful antioxicant
helps fight cancers

Different kinds of Berries

Goji Berries

28 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Heart-Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Heart-Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

1 scoop Beachbody’s Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1 fresh or frozen blueberries (unsweetened)
Add ice and blend.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Nutritional Information: (per serving)

Calories: 230Protein: 20 gFiber: 4.5 gCarbs: 38 gFat Total: 2 gSaturated Fat: 0 g

26 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

No-Bake Cookies

Shakeology Cookies

One of these delicious chocolate and nut butter cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth without wrecking your diet.

Total Time: 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Yield: 25 cookies

• 1 cup natural peanut butter or almond butter
• 1 cup quick cooking oats
• ½ cup honey
• 1 cup Chocolate Shakeology

1. Combine peanut butter, honey, oats and Shakeology in medium bowl. Mix well.
2. Roll 24 balls, each the size of 1 tbsp.
3. Flatten each slightly so takes on the shape of a traditional cookie.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Calories: 115Fat: 6gSaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 2mgSodium: 39mgCarbohydrate: 15gFiber: 1gSugar: 7gProtein: 5g

29 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Welcome to my weightloss and fitness blog

Welcome to my weight loss and fitness blog.  I hope you will find helpful information that is helpful in your everyday life and join in the quest to fight obesity and other health related problems that come from being overweight.  Feel free to leave comments and connect with me on Facebook.  It may seem like a long journey but I am certain that anything we set our mind to we can accomplish.   Check back frequently for pictures and other stories.

The three things I did today to help lose weight and feel better about myself.

1.  I decided to do Chalene Johnson’s Kick and Punch 48 min cardio workout.

2.  Took time to enjoy the laughter of my kids and look at their Christmas wishlists.

3.  Cleaned house to burn more calories.

I got tired around 35 minutes in this workout but I keep going.  It really  was motivational to hear her cheer you through the end even though you want to say ok, i did 35 minutes and that should be good.  Felt great to finish the whole thing.  And I guess doing the workout first thing after I got up really set the pace for the rest of the day.  Very Positive!

Stats today

Weight 171

Total weight loss to date is 9 lbs. Woo Hoo!