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Welcome to my weightloss and fitness blog

Welcome to my weight loss and fitness blog.  I hope you will find helpful information that is helpful in your everyday life and join in the quest to fight obesity and other health related problems that come from being overweight.  Feel free to leave comments and connect with me on Facebook.  It may seem like a long journey but I am certain that anything we set our mind to we can accomplish.   Check back frequently for pictures and other stories.

The three things I did today to help lose weight and feel better about myself.

1.  I decided to do Chalene Johnson’s Kick and Punch 48 min cardio workout.

2.  Took time to enjoy the laughter of my kids and look at their Christmas wishlists.

3.  Cleaned house to burn more calories.

I got tired around 35 minutes in this workout but I keep going.  It really  was motivational to hear her cheer you through the end even though you want to say ok, i did 35 minutes and that should be good.  Felt great to finish the whole thing.  And I guess doing the workout first thing after I got up really set the pace for the rest of the day.  Very Positive!

Stats today

Weight 171

Total weight loss to date is 9 lbs. Woo Hoo!

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