10 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Weight Loss Update and Holiday Eating

Well It’s been awhile since I blogged about my weight loss. I have not been weighing my self so much and I have been following my weekly exercise program. Had a few slip ups. My worst day was last week when I went to a Chinese buffett and because it had been so long since I had gone to a buffett I overate because I thought hey it’s ok I haven’t been to a all you can eat in forever. I did eat a lot of fish and vegatables there though. I felt so stuffed after I ate there though. Anyway, I started to weight myself again. I weigh a happier 164. Although I should probably have lost more by now. I make healthier eating choices. I don’t shop when I ‘m hungry. I notice the jeans are fitting better now. I like that I really cut back on my portion size. I use a little smaller plate now and if it doesn’t fit on my smaller plate than it doesn’t get eaten. I noticed I used to use those really big plates and thought I had to make it look full of food. It truly was ridiculous. Anyway. I am still working out. There is no quitting. I like to do my favorite Insanity and Turbofire routines. Also have been adding in 40 to 55 minutes on the elliptical machine. I getting ready for the mother of them all, the holiday eating season. I have to try to lose another ten pounds before Thanksgiving because I come from a big family who loves to eat big on the holidays. This year will be no exception. So in early preparation, I have stepped my game up to more cardio workouts during the day while the twins are in school. I now walk to get them at least twice a week as well. My holiday eating game plan this year though is going to revolve around filling up on more proteins and veggies and eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the Thanksgiving day and Christmas and New Year Day. So target weight should be 154 by Thanksgiving.

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