26 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Getting Back on Track

Ok so I was doing good for a while. I lost about 18 lbs but somehow I gained it and then some back.  So this is definitely not a good thing.  I stopped exercising for about two weeks, got sick, now it’s time to get back on track.

Some things and goals I have this week include ditching all soda and alcohol,  cardio 5 days a week minimum and at least 2/3 weight training sessions.

How I plan to stay motivated….well I decided to track other successful weight loss bloggers and their successes and motivational stories,  keep a daily food journal, and no more shopping when hungry.  No more fast foods.  I have to have at least one cheat day to reward myself for staying on track though.  I decided to post this list on the mirror where I look every so often throughout the day oh wait, snap, the frig is an even better place because I go there more often.  Well this is my update as to where I am with my weight loss journey.  I am still working at the little lifestyle changes that can add up to losing more weight and keeping it off.    Be on the lookout this week for my photos.   I am now at 174 lbs.  Yikes, I am only 5’2 so that makes me obese.  Obesity runs in my family on my dads side.  Black people love to eat a lot of fried foods and I have a big family who welcome you with food when you first walk in the door which makes it harder sometimes too.  On my Asian side who I have not met in person yet everyone is skinny.  For years I was blessed with being on this side of genetics but unfortunately after my last pregnancy, the 25 extra pounds seem to just want to hang on.   So I will keep yall updated with my progress this week.

Current weight-174

Goal- 118

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