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Side Effects of Soda

What are the Effects of Soda on Your Health?



The alarming effects of soda on your health seem to be making headlines more and more.  What exactly are the risks of drinking soda when it comes to your health.

Well one of the major reasons you should ditch the soda is the fact that is contains a lot of sugar.  Too much sugar consumption leads to unhealthy weight gain which is a predisposition to diabetes.  Once you get diabetes, it can be difficult to manage.

The excess sugar from soda and other drinks is converted in the body to fat. Unlike the subcutaneous fat that’s seen under the skin, much of this sugar changes to triglycerides or fatty tissue that is found around the organs, like the liver. Both metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease can lead to higher risk of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Ways to curb soda cravings

Some ways you can get rid of your soda cravings include drinking more water and switching to green tea.  Green tea is a healthier choice for a boost of energy and it ‘s a great antioxidant.  Next time your are craving a soda try one of these alternatives to avoid becoming another health statistic.

Even More reasons to ditch the soda……..

Soda pot belly syndrome.  Yuck!

The coloring  in the sodas have been linked to cancer in animals.  Scarey!

Contains phosphates and phosphoric acid used to preserve shelf life which is linked to advanced aging.  Who wants to get older than we have to?

Causes cavities.  Who wants a metal mouth?

Causes tension and anxiety in children.  When a young child drinks soda, it’s like an adult drinking 4 cups of coffee.  A soda at lunch may affect your kid at bedtime.  Yikes!

I hope you found this article on the effects of soda and your health helpful.

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