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New Year Resolutions and Weight Loss Goals

New Year Resolutions and Goals

New Year Resolutions and Goals

This is a new year and I have made a few New Year resolutions and weight loss goals.

I know it will be a better year.  I am writing these New Year Resolutions to help me see where I am at throughout the year and check my progress.  I lost around fifteen pounds and unfortunately it was a yo yo year of up and down with the scale.  This year is a bout change and accountability so I am going to be more disciplined with keeping track of the calories with a journal and I will be getting an app to help.  I really love mixed drinks so that will be something else I’ll be ditching this year.  My elliptical machine kicked the bucket so I ‘m shopping around for something to replace it.  I also want to spend more time preplanning meals and preparing snacks ahead of time to avoid overeating. Oh and I purchased a nice new pair of running shoes from Lady Foot Locker.  That may be one of the best 70 dollars I spend all year.  I bought some other shoes but I don’t think they fit very good so these ones are really feeling comfortable.  I know running is very good for your heart and health so I am still debating on a gym membership as I have a hard time incorporating all the weight training  I’d like to do into my fitness regime.  I have equipment at home but sometimes I feel I want more equipment and variety to keep from getting bored.

Those are my fitness goals and now for my business goals.

I love Internet marketing and learning new ways to grow my existing BeachBody business.  I have decided to dip into Facebook ads and learn everything there is to know about how to use it to grow my existing business.  I am also wanting to write some e books to help people so that leads to another goal of mine.  This year I would like to write some ebooks  that help people by creating some useful information products.  I will be keeping everyone updated on my journey.  I may even start another blog about that journey.  I like my fitness blog but I also want to dip into other areas that  are interesting to me.

2014 New Year Resolutions

1. Lose weight and keep it consistent

2.  Create 5 helpful information products

3.  Write more ebooks

4. Expand my Beachbody business

5.  Help more people reach their weight loss and financial goals


This year is about working harder and smarter and making smarter food decisions as well.  I hope everyone has taken the time to write their New Year Resolutions to help with their accountability.  I want to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year!

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