Fitness Programs


There are so many exercise and fitness programs that are available today.  With so many choices, it may be hard to decide which one to get.  Choosing a fitness program that is tailored to your needs and wants is key.  You may decide you want something that builds muscle or maybe you want to just tone up.  Exercise and eating habits should be a way of life that we should think and practice everyday.  The reason I enjoy Beachbody fitness programs is because they are fun and have great trainers and music to motivate you and get you going in the right direction.

There are a ton of different workout and fitness programs in Beachbody to chose from. You’ve got


I especially love the fact that you can workout in your home without any gym equipment in the of the exercise programs.  For example, I love Chalene Johnson’s workouts.   She has a great personality and really pushes you.  It really is like having your own personal trainer when you use her Turbofire or Turbojam. Personally I use Turbofire because I like her Turbojam so much I had to try it.  Really glad I did.  People are already noticing and commenting on my weightloss.  After having my fourth child I couldn’t seem to lose the weight.  So I tried Turbofire because I had such good results with Turbojam after I had my twins four years ago.  Trust me Turbofire is sick.   Chalene really targets the core muscles in Turbofire.  It makes your workouts more effective and she has people in the workouts that do the exercises in low impact if you want to take it easy at first.

Another great feature of TurboFire is high intensity workouts.   HIIT training can really burn more fat and calories if you do the exercises correctly.  The workouts are shorter but more intense and you can feel the effects of the workout throughout the day.  Well I hoped you like my short review of my favority Beachbody workout program TurboFire.  I plan on trying all the programs so check back for more reviews on all of Beachbody’s fitness programs