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Jessica Simpson Weight loss

Jessica Simpson Weight loss

Today I saw an article in a magazine on Jessica Simpson’s weight loss.  We all know Jessica Simpson just had another baby and she really struggled with her weight after having her first baby.  I believe her ending weight was 210 at her heaviest and then she lost the weight only to announce she would be gaining it all back with a new bundle of joy on the way.  This time during her pregnancy, Jessica didn’t gain as much weight but she still had a lot of weight at the end on her tiny frame.  So this time around Jessica Simpson was able to lose 25 pounds in 5 weeks.  Hooray for Jessica.  And to top if off she was able to eat some pretty tasty food.  The meals looked pretty delicious and healthy.

So let’s see how she did it…

Jessica Simpson weight loss, How Did Jessica Simpson lose weight and fit into her daisy dukes again?

Jessica Simpson was seen rockin those famous Daisy Dukes. How did she squeeze into those little shorts?  Apparently Jessica was able to fit back into those Daisy Dukes by following an extreme 2 hours of intense workouts seven days a week.  She is not starving herself to death.  As a matter of fact she is eating healthy meals on a Points system with Weight Watchers.  She also has a personal chef to assist since she is a busy mom.  She doesn’t have to worry about cooking anything for herself and she has a personal trainer, celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak.  She has a home gym so home workouts are convenient and she practices portion control and has done away with alcohol.

How much did Jessica Simpson lose after the baby?

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Little petite 5 ft 3 Jessica went from 180  lbs to 155 lbs this time around on her second pregnancy.  That’s 25 lbs total. Her first pregnancy she went from 210 lbs to 140 lbs dropping 70 lbs.   Jessica has a personalized eating plan.

A sample of Jessica’s Daily menu plan and how she follows a yummy diet plan

Egg white omelet with tomatoes, basil, and red onions for breakfast.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with mixed greens and light salad dressings for lunch.

Healthy snacking in between lunch and dinner includes raw fruits like pears, apples, and sliced cheese.

A satisfying dinner such as grilled shrimp with rice and broccoli.

Delicious desserts like a small serving of mixed berry cobbler pie  to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Conclusion on Jessica Simpson weight loss

Jessica Simpson weight loss is a success!

She is losing the weight in a healthy manner.  She is eating sensible healthy meals with a good exercise program to compliment her healthy eating habits.  She has a strong support system with her fiance, family, and friends.  It seems she has learned healthier eating habits which have paid off really well this time around but also pays off in the long run as she will be better off overall with her new slimmer physique and self confidence.  Congratulations on your weight loss Jessica.  You did it.


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