Celebrity Weight Loss

This page is dedicated to the celebrity drama lover in all of us and just debuts some of the successful Hollywood celebrities who are fighting the battle against obesity.  At the end of the day celebrities share the same battles as everyone else when it comes to health and fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  And it they don’t follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits they also gain weight. Hopefully their successful changes will motivate and inspire you to show you can do it too.

This page is also about other celebrity madness as it is not all about weight loss.  I just like to see what’s going on with high profile celebrities in general.  And here is where I get to write about what I see and think.  If you feel like contributing to you can guest post as well.

Celebrity weight loss winners will be featured here and also celebrity mommies as I like to read about things like that.

I also enjoy music and fashion.   And celebrities are always sporting the latest or not so greatist fashions.

I enjoy reality TV as well but I don’t always have the time to follow every single thing but that may seem too childish for some but it’s just entertainment for me and its my blog so I can write whatever I want.  And if you want to share your thoughts you are welcome to as well.  This blog is a hobby for me and I do work on it when my kiddos are at school.  Email me if you would like to share a post or article in this section.