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Starting a celebrity fitness blog or health and fitness blog is an interesting niche because it’s fun as well as it is helpful to know how we can live a healthier life.  There are a few reasons that may hold you back, such as what will I talk about and how will I start this blog.

Luckily that question can be fulfilled in the following suggestions.

Where do I start?- Content Creation!

how to start a health and fitness blog

Start a Celebrity fitness or health and fitness blog

Becoming a celebrity fitness blogger is fun so that is how you should approach it.  Follow the latest news and stories on celebrity weight loss winners in different magazines and online websites.  Find out what some of the hottest and most current weight loss stories are and put your own spin on what you think about it.  Keep up with current health news and stories, as well as prevention of health conditions if you are leaning more toward the health and fitness niche vs the celebrity fitness blog.

Blog Tips for creating content:

Make sure you update your site on a regular schedule.

You should also blog because you are passionate about the subject otherwise it could be a painful business if it doesn’t interest you and that would be just a waste of time.

Perez Hilton was actually inspired to become a celebrity fitness blogger this year.  He started his own blog called

He claims his inspiration came through his own personal desire to live a healthier and happier life and of course his love of following celebrity news.  His blog is a good model for a celebrity fitness blog but it may not be the go to spot for serious health and fitness concerns.  I am sure his blog will be successful as he already knows how to run a successful online business.
Healthy expert interviews, celebrity weight loss stories, the latest on health and fitness are all good topics to write about in a celebrity fitness blog or health and fitness blog.

Marketing Strategies and Blog Promotion

Blogging tips for marketing strategy

Blogging Tips for marketing strategy

Make sure you learn about marketing strategies for your new online business
How do you market your new health and fitness blog?  After you have created your content and have created some outstanding pages and posts, you need to promote it.
Begin promoting your blog by commenting on other websites in the same niche or on more popular health blogs. This is a great way to network, get your content promoted and shared with others in the same fields of interest.  Its also a white hat method for building backlinks.
Learn to use Pinterest-Pinterest is another wonderful place to start. It’s also free.  Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest as it is a great place to show images of your site and gain traffic.  Master Pinterest and you can really grow your business or health and fitness blog.  People are more likely to buy on Pinterest and images are a fun way to get you message across to your customers.
Make Videos-Create a short video and post it to Youtube and Facebook and other social sharing sites about your brand and what your website is about.  Youtube is a great place and source of traffic for leveraging your brand for free.  People love to watch video and if you add more videos to your site this will reduce bounce rate.
Write a Press Release- Writing a press release announce to the world that you have a site and is great for traffic.  You can write it yourself or use a service.
Use Twitter-Start a Twitter account and network to gain a following.  It’s a great source for instant traffic if you make a post and then post it to Twitter to people who are interested in your subject area or niche.
Use Blogger-Create some blogs and use Blogger to build your brand by linking back to your main blog.  Blogger and YouTube are owned by the super search engine of the Internet Google so it has high page rank.
Submit to Directories-Submit your blog to online directories.  It helps to submit your blog to online directories so that they will be found and these makes your blog list. Choose to automation but be careful as to vary your keywords to avoid search engine penalties.
Social Networking-Use other social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  Everyone is on Facebook and you can connect with a lot of people.  Learn to use Facebook to expose your brand as well as LinkedIn.

Expanding your Online Presence

When you grow, learn to outsource many of these tasks that are time consuming so you can free up time and concentrate on the magic grail or creating outstanding useful information for your site.
I hope this will clear your obstacles for creating a blog in the health and fitness niche as today is the best day to start an online business with a blog and building your brand about something that truly interests you.  Don’t wait til tomorrow because the Internet is growing at fast pace  and you should be able to get online with ease and simplicity to make money online and build a blog that you are passionate about.